WEA - How to Build a Web Site Course

Aims and Objectives

By the end of the session the students will be (a) fully aware of the structure of the course, (b) able to use the wireless hardware to access the internet with confidence and (c) aware of the potential of the MicroSoft FrontPage to create web sites.

Introduction to the Course

25 minutes
  • About the WEA
  • About the Local History Project
  • What the students can expect from the course
  • What will happen in each of the 8 weeks
  • Any questions ?


15 minutes
  • Filling in enrolment form
  • Intro from the WEA Course Organiser ?

Introduction to Task One

15 minutes
  • Use of wireless hardware
  • Things to watch out for : speed of connection, linking to the remote server, particular nuances of WEA laptops etc etc
  • Use of Search Engine to answer the Internet Quiz questions

Performing Task One

25 minutes
  • Students use the laptops to do the quiz

Introduction to Task Two

10 minutes
  • Introduction to use of FrontPage
  • Significance of Index Page

Performing Task Two

30 minutes
  • Loading and using Frontpage
  • Changing background
  • Entering text
  • Basic formatting
  • Saving page
  • Viewing page in browser