DonkinITEX supporting SAR work at University of Lincoln 16/08/2013
Chris Donkin of DonkinITEX will be working with the University's FE team based at Holbeach to produce the SAR for 2012-13 during August and September

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year 28/12/2012
All at DonkinITEX would like to wish all partners and clients a Happy New Year. We look forward to working with you all again in 2013

Three more Get on at Work events to be delivered by DonkinITEX 18/12/2012
Chris Donkin is to be commissioned by the TUC to deliver 3 more 'Get on at Work' events in Care Homes in Nottinghamshire. The 8 events in Lincs are almost finished with one more to go after Xmas. The report from the Lincs events will be made available for download from this web site in Feb 2013

DLDC and DonkinITEX explore ways of working across the divide 18/09/2012
DLDC and DonkinITEX are joining forces to investigate how Third Sector Training Providers and Private Training Providers can work together to meet the needs of their learners and their communities. The research report will be produced in time to be a significant reference document at the 'Working Together to deliver the D2N2 Skills Plan' event to be hosted by Derbyshire County Council in Matlock in October

Unison say Get It On for more Get On events 28/08/2012
DonkinITEX have signed a contract to deliver 8 more Get on at Work events. This iteration of the project will be funded by Unison. To deliver the events Chris Donkin will be working with Nicola Marshall of Big Pond Projects

A new academic year and things are looking rosey in the DonkinITEX garden 01/08/2012
Today heralds the official start of the 2012-13 academic session in England. DonkinITEX are looking forward to the new session with confidence and anticipation. Discussions are still going on with potential clients but it seems clear that Chris Donkin and his associates are going to be busy over the next 12 months. It is expected that within the next few weeks that DonkinITEX will secure a contract with the TUC to deliver eight more 'Test the Organisation' events and DonkinITEX are also confident of securing a contract with Derbyshire Learning and Development Consortium to develop approaches to helping the Notts and Derbys LEP to implement it's skills strategy. Also the support work for the Derbyshire and Lincolnshire Public Service Compacts and the University of Lincoln will continue. Exciting times ahead !

Agency working in Lincolnshire - a review by DonkinITEX 30/03/2012
The Skills Funding Agenncy have commisssioned DonkinITEX to carry out a study to ascertain whether or not workers supplied by agencies get less access to training than those employed directly. The report will be published on this web site at the end of March.

The TUC say GET ON as Chris Donkin is set on 01/12/2011
After several months of negotiating, TUC Unionlearn have awarded a contract to DonkinITEX to deliver 8 'Get on at Work' events. In addition to offering basic skills test opportunities to employees, DonkinITEX will also offer IT tatser courses and IAG services. It is hoped that the 8 events will engage with public sector organisations across the East Midlands

The Inspector Calls - and he is from DonkinITEX 11/05/2012
DonkinITEX are delighted to report that Lead Consultant Chris Donkin has been invited to carry out a mock inspection of the University of Lincoln's FE provision delivered from their Holbeach Campus. The service will be supplied later this month.

.. and then there were two ! 01/03/2011
Since the break up of the LSC, the five East Midlands Public Service Compacts have tried to sustain themselves by raising funds for external support from within their membership. In these challenging times this has proven to be difficult and within the last few months the Compacts in Northants, Notts and Leics have ceased to exist. However, the Lincolnshire and Derbyshire Compacts remain and are indeed prospering in these austere times. DonkinITEX continues to provide facilitation support for the two remaining Compacts

DonkinITEX to work with CG Partnership again 11/01/2011
When the learning Lounge was in full flow, DonkinITEX often engaged in collaborative work with the Market Rasen based training provider CG Partnership. The two orgs are set to work together again. CG Partnership have invited Chris Donkin to act as the exrenal evaluator for their E&D project where students look at the effects of racism within sport.

Rock Your Baby - DonkinITEX and McCrae Training join forces 01/12/2010
Two years after moving the DonkinITEX HQ to Midlothian, Chris Donkin is seeking to establish a link with Scottish training provider. Exploratory discussions are to take place between DonkinITEX and McCrae Training

Compacts prosper in the post-LSC era 01/08/2010
All five Public Service Compacts in the East Midlands have survived and prospered in the post-LSC era. Without central funding, the Compacts are contracting in the services of DonkinITEX to provide external support through a combination of donations and sponsorship.

Lochaber no more - Lewis no more - LSC no more ! 04/04/2010
From the 31st March the LSC no longer exist. The bulk of their work will be continued by the Skills Funding Agency and the National Apprenticeship Service. DonkinITEX wish the new orgs good luck and thank the LSC for the support for our organisation over the last seven years

Testing Times in Lincolnshire 11/02/2010
The LSC and the TUC have jointly commissioned support for 8 'Test the Organisation' events. Four will be in the public sector and four in the third sector. DonkinITEX will provide external support for these events

Lincs PS Compact focus on Leadership and Management 05/01/2010
The Lincolnshire and Rutland Public Service Compact have introduced a third focus group. The group will concentrate on Leadership and Management. Chris Donkin has been invited by the LSC to facilitate this group

Its time to see the Skills Pledge in Action 01/10/2009
DonkinITEX have been invited by the LSC to deliver a 'Skills Pledge in Action' event for public sector organisations in Nottinghmashire. The event is csheduled for the 4th December

ALO ALO ALO ! More work on the Adult Learning Offer needed ! 01/05/2009
Bill Harwin, Chris Donkin and Pauline Dixon were contracted until March 2009 to develope a cordinated approach to the Adult Learning Offer (ALO) in Lincolnshire. Chris and Pauline have been invited by the LSC to make a further contribution to ensure that the composite 09-10 curriculum offer for adults is cohesive and avoids duplication

DonkinITEX to deliver the East Midlands Public Sector Apprenticeships Summit 01/02/2009
DonkinITEX are proud to announce that they have been contracted to deliver a major Apprenticeships event for the Public Sector. At the end of March, PERA in Melton will host the EM Public Sector Apprenticeship Summit. The Keynote speaker will be the Minister for Skills Phil Hope. It is anticipated that 200 delegates will attend. DonkinITEX have been contracted in by the LSC to deliver this high profile event.

Public Service Compacts in the East Mids still going strong 01/12/2008
The five Public Service Compacts in the five major counties in the EM continue to support collaborative working by the public sector orgs to address issue of common concern and interest. Four of the five Compacts (the Leics Compact is supported by LLCLP) are facilitated by Chris Donkin. It has recently been confirmed that DonkinITEX will continue to provide external support for Compact activity in Derbys, Notts, Lincs and Northants

Its cold up here ! 31/10/2008
The DonkinITEX HQ is now located in Penicuik Midlothian. Chris Donkin will however to continue to work in the East Midlands as DonkinITEX have contracted work in the EM until March 2009. DonkinITEX also have a permanent base in Boston at St Thomas Drive

Its goodbye from me and its hello from him ! 31/07/2008
After 5 years of trading from Boston Lincs, DonkinITEX will be re-locating in Midlothian. Chris Donkin will be returning to his original role as a one man band Consultant. He will continue to support the development of post 16 training in the East Midlands. The Learning Lounge has been handed over to Chris' trusty Leiutenant Mick Taylor. Mick will continue to offer IAG and training services from the Lounge and has agreed to offer continuous employment to the DonkinITEX staff. Good luck Mick and heres hoping that TaylorITEX is a huge success.

DonkinITEX secure major contract to review PCDL provision in Northants 07/02/2008
DonkinITEX have been contracted by Northamptonshire LSC to carry out a major review of Personal and Community Development Learning in Northants. Keep visiting this site for updates as the final report will be made available for download in May

Chris Donkin joins the ALO team 31/12/2007
Sole Proprietor Chris Donkin has joined the Adult Learning Offer (ALO) team. The ALO project is to promote a coordinated approach to the delivery of courses for adults in Lincolnshire

The Coastal Learning Project goes from strength to strength 30/11/2007
Vicky has been working on a training programme over the last few weeks and details are available on the last monthly report. There will be First Aid, Health & Safety, Confidence Building & Literacy at Skegness. In Mablethorpe there will be First Aid, Food Hygeine & a CV Workshop. The first of these is an 'Introduction to e-bay' on Saturday the 10th Nov at Stepladder. This course is free to people who fit into the eligibility critea for the project. ( Unemployed and living in the eligible ward) Contact Vicky on 01507 479251

DonkinITEX lose a friend 30/09/2007
Local Training Provider ETS has ceased trading after a turbulent time.

DonkinITEX look to the new academic year with confidence 31/07/2006
New contracts, new staff, new premsises recently opened in Mablethorpe. DonkinITEX is indeed a vibrant organisation

DonkinITEX working with the University of Lincoln 31/07/2012
During August Chris Donkin of DonkinITEX will be working with Sharon Green to produce the Holbeach Campus SAR for FE courses in the south of Lincolnshire provided by the Uni

DonkinITEX new website launches 13/12/2005
The New DonkinITEX website launched today. The site has been revamped and updated by Ark ICT Solutions. The site will be an up to date source of information regarding DonkinITEX.