Observation of Teaching

Chris Donkin (now Proprietor of DonkinITEX - then a senior manager at Boston College) was College Nominee for Inspection for the Boston College FEFC Inspection in 2001. As College nominee Chris led all aspects of inspection preparation. The role entailed working with staff at all levels to ensure that the inspection process was both productive and developmental. The nominee is tasked to ensure that all aspects of the College QA system are robust, transparent and credible. The nominee is also a seconded member of the inspection team.

Boston College had a very successful inspection in January 2001. The grade profile confirmed matched the grade profile proposed by the self assessment process. As the nominee Chris led a major development project reviewing the college’s approach to lesson planning and course management. As a result of this work all 78 lessons observed during inspection, were graded as satisfactory or better. In the lead-up to inspection Chris observed dozens of lessons himself. DonkinITEX now have access to a team of experienced lesson observers led by Chris Donkin. The company are able to provide a robust and accurate external observation service for providers if required.